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Members, supporters, friends and sympathizers are all welcome to help the Mani Amiche Association in any way they can. Everyone can take part and contribute in all kinds of ways . They can:

1)     Fund a development project, such as building a well, a workshop etc.

2)      Join the overseas sponsorship schemes and study grant schemes

3)      Support educational, sanitary and nutritional projects

4)      Take part in any of the activities organized by the Association, these as point e of article 5 of the statute states, may be any of the following:- Collecting and selling recycled materials

     -     Importing and selling local products and craft work typical of the popular traditions of the developing country concerned

     - Organizing seminars, conventions, studies, publishing etc.

     -  Organizing trade fairs in order to promote the art work, painting, weaving, wood carving metal work etc of the populations mentioned in Art.3 point a

     - All products specified of the marketing tables

     - Organization of games and shows

     - Organization of lotteries, bingo and the such

     - Organization of tourist excisions in Italy and abroad

     - Promotion of voluntary activities etc. in aid of the Association